What You Should Know About Our Claims



It’s important to remember that Creditors and the Credit Bureaus are not keen on having to deal with credit disputes. They tend to view this as a non-profitable use of their time that costs them both money and lost time each year. Because of this creditors spend millions of dollars engineering dispute response tactics that are designed to stop the disputing process short before a successful resolution, in your favor, can be reached. Our team has over 20 years of combined experience in working with creditors and bureaus. We are able to anticipate these industry tactics which makes the process faster and more effective for our clients.

Also like us you probably have a job, family, and just a busy  life in general. This can make it tough to comply with the federal timelines and amount of communication that can be required to have inaccurate and unverifiable items removed from your credit report. Our team has both the knowledge and the resources to execute the advanced processes and communication required to get you consistent results every time.

Also with our Pay for Performance system you can rest assured that there is no one that will work harder to provide you with the best results possible. Let’s just be honest here. If we don’t get results, we aren’t getting paid. Our goals are clearly aligned with yours from day one.

Who we are

Our Company was founded by a top producing Loan Officer with a deep credit background and a software guru whose previous company employed hundreds of software development staff. With combined knowledge in Underwriting standards, Credit algorithms, and the ability to produce highly engineered software and process automation we’ve got you covered! Our team uses proprietary software systems and highly engineered processes to ensure that we can spend as much time as possible doing the heavy lifting required to consistently remove inaccurate derogatory information from your credit report. We guarantee consistent and reliable results every time and always welcome your feedback.