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Our Pay-Per-Delete model is so simple that only we can do it. Allow us to explain why. Remember our carefully developed software? The one we have patiently groomed and grown for years like a bonsai tree? How about our “Delta-Force” credit consultants? What about our faster and cheaper than the rest processing?

Well, ya see friends, all that great customer-centric stuff cuts into our profits. Our owners don’t drive cars that cost more than your house, nor do they own boats or baller watches. We are humble and hard working.

Sure, we like money and we like to have a good time, but like we keep telling you (and proving to everyone who works with us), we’re in this for the long haul, not the fast buck. So you can relax and remember: you ONLY pay once your results are locked in.

Free Boost My Credit Consult

  • Pay Only Upon Deletion
  • Fully Expedited Services
  • Complete Options Package


  • Exclusive electronic disputing process
  • Pay-for-performance billing
  • 24/7 Client Portal access
  • Monthly dispute resolution email updates
  • Industry best 4 1/2 to 5 month process (please allow additional 60 to 90 days until COVID-19 restrictions pass)
  • 24/7 Partner Portal (Optional)
  • Monthly Partner dispute resolution email updates
  • Crystal Clear Completion Report

How Paragon Pays

Paragon pays in several ways:

1) Upon successful matriculation into our program, you will begin a FREE world class educational program for attaining and maintaining real world financial purchasing power

2) Upon completion of Paragon’s credit repair process, you will have actual access to a better financial life. Whether this means lower bills, higher credit lines, greater loan approval abilities, all or some of the above, plus more…depends on your situation. We can’t give a one-size-fits-all assessment at this time, but once you’ve completed your free consultation, we will have a much better picture to show you.

3) With every successfully signed up referral, Paragon Credit Services will issue a $100 cash equivalent or gift certificate in your name. This number bumps up to $200 with 8 or more successful referrals.

Our Straightforward Billing Procedure

A one-time First Work Fee will be charged three days after signing up for our service for the initial work we complete.

We will do back-to-back rounds on ALL of your derogatory items at once, rather than doing a couple of disputes on one report to push the time frame out. This is how we save you money.

At the end of each round, we will only bill you for successful removals. You can cancel at any time, and you will only owe us for what was removed in already completed rounds.

PLEASE NOTE: In the unlikely event that you choose to cancel our service, you may still have an outstanding balance. You will remain responsible for fees on the removals that were previously successfully completed on your behalf.

Service with Paragon Credit Services also comes with another feature, Partner Portal

Are you working on a financial transaction with a Loan Officer, Realtor, Financial Planner or another financial professional? Partner Portal allows you to keep your financial partner in the loop with 24/7 Partner Portal Access and monthly dispute updates.

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