Preparing for Your Consultation with a Credit Repair Specialist

Paragon Credit Services - Pey per Deletion Model

Paragon Loan Officer ServicesSo you have decided to take advantage of our Free credit consultation with one of our Certified Credit Coaches. This is great news! The first step in any credit repair process should be to determine if you are even a good candidate for credit repair and that’s what this consultation is all about.

There are just a couple of things you will need for your consultation:


  1. Set aside about 25-35 minutes. Credit is very complex and it will take a few minutes for your Credit Coach to go through everything with you. Be wary of any company that tells you that can do a credit consult in 15 minutes or under. These are “chop-shops” and you should stay clear. It took years to get your credit to where it is and we intend to provide you with valuable feedback based on all of those years of credit data
  2. Each person that wants a consult needs to be present at the time of the consult. We will ask you security questions to prove your identity and it is likely that only you will know these. Protecting your identity and credit information is top priority and therefore we will only do a consult for the person we are speaking with.
  3. You will need a major credit card. Yes the consult is 100% free! However we need access to ALL of your credit history. During your consult we will pull data from all three major credit bureaus and even send you a copy of the report. This service costs $1. That’s right, only $1 and you get a copy for your records. This service normally $39.99 for the report but you get it for $1 as a part of your FREE consultation.