How It Works



Here at Paragon Credit Services; we’ve got you covered!! We have an extensive network of creditors that know us and understand our reputation and results. These creditors know that our clients are on the road to better credit and they are happy to say “YES” when everybody else is saying “NO”. Your certified credit coach will be able to help you apply for all types of beneficial credit lines usually reserved for those with much higher credit scores. Therefore, improving your credit and getting you back on the road to financial freedom!

Rebuilding Your Credit in Three Easy Steps


The first step towards the road to financial and credit freedom is to evaluate the situation that you are in. We start by providing you with the resources to obtain a full copy of your entire credit history. We then have a certified credit coach meet with you to review your credit history and understand your credit repair goals.


Your credit coach will put together a full report of your credit history and your credit repair goals. This will be sent to our dedicated processing and legal team so that they can finalize and implement the necessary dispute tactics to be used; ensuring that all work done on your behalf is Legal, Ethical and moral in every way.


While most credit repair companies are busy telling you how great they are at helping you dispute issues with your credit history; they fail to actually accomplish true CREDIT FREEDOM!  The reason for this is simple. Removing negative items from your credit report is generally not going to raise your credit score by itself. For this reason your Credit Coach will do a FULL review of your credit history to provide feedback on all of the data contained in your credit report.