Paying too Much for Credit Repair?

There are three methods that a credit repair company can use when charging you for their services.

  1. The monthly model which includes an upfront charge followed by a flat monthly fee that you pay each month regardless of results
  2. The lump sum fee in which you are charged one large fee up front (Sometimes broken into payments) regardless of results
  3. The Paragon Credit Services Pay for Performance model in which you pay a small start up cost followed only by a flat fee for each item we are able to get removed from your credit report.

Before you engage with a credit repair company ask yourself this question. “Would you pay your cell phone company for service every month if you knew that your phone may or may not work each time you went to use it?” Of course you wouldn’t and we believe that credit repair should be no different.

Our clients ONLY pay for the success we achieve. Never paying monthly fees or other arbitrary costs that end up inflating your overall bill. Because of this our clients save an average of over $700 versus our competitors.

We also offer a 100% money back guarantee of our First Work Fee. Our guarantee is not based on performance like our competitors. We believe that you should be 100% happy with our overall service regardless of how amazing the results may be: Learn More.