4 Month Completion

13-16 months – This is the average time that our competitors keep their clients in process.  We guarantee that you will be completed with our process in 4 months. How can we make such a bold guarantee when our competitors are taking 3 to 4 times as long? There are two main differences in our process versus our competitors.

1). A 100% digital Process – We do not send out letters… Ever!! Twenty years ago credit repair was accomplished by mailing letters to the credit bureaus and to your creditors. This process was slow and inefficient but there was just no other choice. Believe it or not almost the entire credit repair industry still works this way. Think this is insane? Well we do to. This is the digital age and as such Paragon has spent the time and money to invest in the most highly advance electronic disputing process in the industry. Your creditors don’t communicate with each other or the bureaus through the mail so why would you use a credit repair company that does? Our completely digital process improves accuracy, efficiency and overall speed.

2). The Buck Stops Here- Most of our competitors charge you a monthly fee. Their contract states that you are actually paying for the act of disputing your trade lines not the results from that disputing process. This means that they get your monthly fee no matter what the results are. Think about this like that gym membership you bought two years.