Mark has embraced the spirit of an Entrepreneur his entire life. Starting his first business before he was even out of high school; it was clear that Mark had the heart of an Entrepreneur. Mark moved to Arizona in 2003 and quickly got hired as the Director of Operations for Franklin Marketing Group.

In 2005 Mark took a position as a Loan officer at JP Morgan/ Chase and immediately rose to the top as one of the highest producers in the country. Continuing on in the mortgage industry, Mark was recruited by Quicken Loans in 2007; winning over 16 awards including the prestigious Founders Club award multiple times.

Since 2007 he has started and sold two companies and most recently has built one of the country's premier credit services organizations, Paragon Credit Services. Mark is also the Co-Founder of CreditRyte and Residential Advance LLC. These two companies both operate in niche markets and are top of their class in regards to market innovation.

Hobbies include building and riding custom motorcycles, tactical combat training, auto racing, and philanthropy.


Mark Hegenbart is on Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn and featured in many professional resources and consumer articles where he can be found leading the credit repair industry's narrative on values, ethics and results driven business models.

Mark Hegenbart - Credit Repair Specialist Mark Hegenbart - Credit Repair Spcialist