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Credit Repair Service Levels

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Paragon Prime


One Time Payment
  • Monthly Balance Installments of $99/m
  • Fully Expedited Services
  • Complete Options Package
  • Satisfaction Gauranteed Refund
  • No Monthly Fees
  • Exclusive Electronic Disputing Process
  • 24/7 Client Portal Access
  • Monthly Credit Bureau Dispute Reports
  • Crystal Clear Completion Report
  • Monthly Credit Bureau Report Partner Updates
  • Indusry Leading 5 Month Expedited Service

For the fastest service possible - all documents must be sent in by no later than 1pm MST of the same business day of sign-up.

How Billing Works

A one-time First Work Fee will be charged 3 days after signing up for our service for work initially completed. Your monthly balance installments (credited 100% towards your deleted/repaired items balance) will begin 30 days after the First work Fee is paid. Our service is month-to-month and you may cancel anytime. Like a utility bill, you will be charged a final payment after cancellation since billing occurs for services already performed.

One - Time Payment

Credit Services

Monthly Balance Installments of $99/m

Fully Expedited Services

Complete Options Package


Need a better credit score now?!

Paragon's proprietary service has been engineered to serve those with expedited time line requirements. Because over 95% of our clients are trying to qualify for a home mortgage we have engineered our services to get you to the finish line quickly.

This means that your disputing process will be handled in 5 months or less regardless of the amount of work needed on your credit reports.

Service with Paragon Credit Services also comes with our Partner Portal. Are you working on a financial transaction with a Loan Officer, Realtor, Financial Planner or other financial professional? Partner Portal allows you to keep your financial partner in the loop with 24/7 Partner Portal Access and monthly dispute updates.**


Exclusive electronic disputing process

Pay-for-performance billing

24/7 Client Portal access

Monthly dispute resolution email updates

Industry Leading 5 Month Expedited Service

24/7 Partner Portal (Optional)

Monthly Partner dispute resolution email updates

Crystal Clear Completion Report

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